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Pain Management


TENS Units

Portable at-home electrical muscle stim for pain control and muscle relaxation. We also have extra pads available.


CBD Level 4 Cream

Deep Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

Unleash the power of CBD for any musculoskeletal pain. Formulated to provide deep and fast absorption of terpenes which interrupt pain signaling in the body via the Encocannabinoid System. Contains:100 mg CBD, 7% 

Menthol, 5% Camphor


Orthopedic Supports

We offer a broad range of orthopedic support products, from ergonomic pillows and seat cushions to braces and supports for nearly every body part.



Fast, effective topical pain relief using menthol. Allows decreased reliance on over the counter pain medications. Available in both gel and roll-on.


Lidospot Topical Pain Patches

Contains 4% Lidocaine. These adhesive patches provide long-lasting topical pain relief for up to 12 hours.


Custom-made Orthotics

We offer custom-made orthotics for all types of shoes and boots. We are proud to partner with Foot Levelers, Inc., the leading provider of individually designed custom orthotics since 1952. See what a difference they can make for your foot, knee, hip and back issues.

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