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Our primary form of treatment is manipulation of the full spine and extremities as needed using both manual manipulation and the use of an Activator, which is a light-force adjusting tool. Treatment will be tailored to each individual.


- Electrical Muscle Stimulation: for muscle pain and spasm

- Ultrasound: to reduce pain, inflam-mation and spasm as well as to promote faster healing

- Trigger Point Therapy: to reduce spasm/pain and to improve mobility


Upon beginning treatment will we likely take X-rays of the area of complaint to rule out any potential medical issues as well as to maximize our treatment efficiency. We will also obtain updated films following trauma if necessary.

Lab Testing

We partner with DiagnosTechs Inc. to provide lab testing for adrenal, general endocrine, and gastrointenstinal issues. If appropriate, we also offer bio-identical hormones from Bezwecken Inc. Ask Dr. Dave for more information if you're interested in checking out these services. 


We offer focused massage therapy services for relief of pain and spasm, improving mobility and improving circulation/lymph drainage. Jaime Raftevold has over 15 years of experience as a massage therapist. She has appointments available ranging from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, specializing in myofascial release but also using deep tissue and relaxation massage as needed.


We offer KT--taping services for any area of the body. This has been proven to help with pain management and with handling daily activities, and is especially effective with helping to get athletes back into action while minimizing reinjury. We can tape you with our tape for a minimal fee, or you can buy your own roll and we will teach you how to apply it properly.

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